Educational Projects

Educational Projects in Bangladesh/ AK Pakistan

We provide skill and equipment to students to become self-reliant. Sponsoring students and teachers is one of the effective ways of eradicating poverty. Insha Allah, one day these students will be a valuable asset for the humanity.

Thaqwa Madrasa/Masjid, Nawshera, Pakistan. Al-Hamdulliha, your generosity is not restricted to any one area.  It is reaching many areas. Through your donations and prayers of last Ramadhan, Thaqwa Masjid and Madrasa is up and running.

Madrasah and Shelter for the Rohinga Muslims in Cox Bazaar Bangladesh.

Siddharth Nagar, India, consists of villages and a few small towns. The people of this area live on paddy cultivation. There is no educational provision for the local Muslims. We are working in collaboration with Blue Ink Trust to establish a school.

Mumin Aid Educational projects